Live YouTube Subscriptions Counter

28 Apr, 2018 Click here for the Live SubCounter! This small project is a website that gives a live count of the number of subscriptions of any YouTube channel. It also shows other statistics like the number of videos, views and comments and a list of the most recent videos posted on the channel. I did this project [...]

LARMAS – Language Resource Management System

18 Dec, 2017 Please find the source code for this project at Download Thesis Report AbstractNatural Language Processing (NLP) is a major area of artificial intelligence that is concerned with the ability of a computer to recognise, translate and understand human speech. Research in NLP over the past 70 years has improved the algorithms used in NLP, moving [...]

DTMF Decoder

26 Aug, 2017 DTMF Decoder What is DTMF? DTMF stands for Dual Tone Multi Frequency. This is an in-band telecommunication signalling system using voice-frequency band over telephone lines between telephone equipment and other communications devices and switching centres. DTMF is used to represent up to 16 keys (most telephones only use 12 of these). Each key is represented [...]

ST080 Drum Machine

26 Aug, 2017 ST080 Drum MachineGithub Repo here.   The ST080 Drum Machine is an Embedded Systems group project that we did as part of EEE3074W course at UCT. We designed and built a prototype using concepts we had learnt in this course and other areas of our degree. The project can be found on github and here's a [...]
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I’m Tino, an Electrical & Computer Engineering graduate (First Class Honours) from the University of Cape Town. I am consistently setting goals to grow myself while always striving for perfection in everything I do. I’m a software developer and on this website, you will find my blog, some of my projects, and my photography gallery.

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